September 2017

Divorce Mediation

No matter the reason you decide to end your marriage, divorce is not an easy process. Particularly when children are involved, this can be an emotionally charged time. Animosity towards your soon-to-be-ex can cause otherwise reasonable discussions to quickly derail. Suddenly, the orderly division of child custody, finances and assets seems impossible.

A lawsuit must be filed to dissolve a marriage, but that doesn’t have to include the traditional path of litigating the details in court. Some couples choose to hire a Lake County family attorney who specializes in mediation so the terms of their divorce is worked out smoothly.

Investing in the mediation process could help the divorce proceedings so you and your spouse can keep things amicable. Not only can this lighten your emotional load, but the process can also make things easier for the children you both love.

Divorce Mediation

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process where a third-party is involved with discussions that you and your spouse need to have about different aspects of your divorce. This neutral party is present to ensure negotiations about child custody, finances and any other topic that can become a flashpoint stay on track.

Whether you and your spouse agree to mediation or it has been court-referred, there are certain goals that should keep everyone on the same page throughout the proceedings.

First, mediation creates a legally sound and equitable agreement that you and your spouse can accept. This helps to minimize any hostility or controversy after the divorce is finalized. You can also avoid the expense and emotional drama that typically comes with litigation.

Mediation Could Make the Divorce Easier on Your Children

Child custody and support are two important topics during a divorce. Often, it is difficult to agree on a solid plan without emotions blinding you to what is most important: your children. The aim of using mediation is to make co-parenting easier after the divorce.

Just because the two of you are no longer together, it does not mean that your children have stopped loving you both. Watching their parents fight can cause psychological damage. Using mediation becomes a great way to ensure civility rules in front of your children.

Mediation Could Make Divorce Easier for You

Agreeing to major decisions can save you a lot of money and stress if you do so before appearing in court. You decide what is best without leaving your post-divorce life and finances to be determined by strangers.…