Develop Expertise in Your Law Practice With These 5 Post JD Graduate Degrees

Once you’ve established yourself as a practicing lawyer, it’s important to look for additional ways to distinguish yourself among all of the other law professionals. One way to do this is through more graduate coursework beyond your Juris doctorate. An additional graduate degree can help you develop the necessary expertise that is required to specialize your law practice. Here are five graduate programs or degree topics that could help you become an expert.

1. International Affairs

For lawyers with an interest in practicing international law, an advanced degree in international affairs may be the right choice. Those in this type of academic program may study international relations theory and global issues. They may also examine different problems affecting other parts of the world and learn about some of the purposes of global organizations like the United Nations. Additionally, adding a credential in international affairs to your resume may help you land work across the globe in different, more exciting roles.

2. Environmental Science

Many lawyers are also considering to focus their practice on environmental law. If your law degree program had a general focus, you may need to gain some background and knowledge in environmental science before pursuing work in this field. Today’s environmental science field has been transformed by new technologies and ideas in sustainability. With an advanced degree in environmental science, you can take your law career further down the path of the future of these technologies.

3. Public Administration

Specializing in public administration is another great way a practicing lawyer can take his or her career further. Public administration studies may have students learning about how politics, public figures, and the internet are challenging the legal climate of the world. Getting an advanced degree in public administration is convenient with graduate programs like USC Online, which allows you to take classes while still earning a full-time salary in general law.

4. Business Administration

Earning a business degree is another way to give your law career more direction. Understanding the unique needs of corporations can help lawyers deal with topics such as white-collar crime and international financial transactions. Another option is an LLM degree for qualified international lawyers who have decided to relocate to the United States. Obtain more information about USC’s llm degree options if you are looking to expand your possibilities.

5. Digital Communication

The last way lawyers can make themselves even more valuable to potential clients is to focus on digital communication. The need for more digital communication experts may rise in the future as more of the world’s population communicate via the internet and through mobile technology. Tackling some of the legal issues that may arise from this explosion of digital media will be made much easier if more lawyers expand their knowledge base in the field. Then, they can develop a better understanding of the technology and work on more creative strategies for developing technology and defending it.

The future of law may have more individuals from the legal profession developing additional expertise in a variety of fields. If you are trying to equip yourself for success in this field, consider adding on to your credentials with an additional graduate degree.