Law School Enrollment Continues To Dwindle

In case you missed it, Charleston School of Law is the rectum of its existence, effectively-poised to be legislation college quantity two to be flushed into oblivion because the legislation college bubble collapses (unless, I guess, Indiana Tech beats it?) barring a salvation thrust by InfiLaw or another angel investor. Many colleges supply this feature, and it holds out both the promise of getting a bit bit of a lift in your software (lots of the faculties themselves say they will give some weight to the fact that an applicant is so willing to commit to that school), but also the threat of having scholarship money lowered (since after admitting you, the school has no incentive to try to lure you with money).

In reality, for those who even consider Campbell ‘University,’ Drexel, University of Montana, Mercer University, University of South Dakota, Albany Law Sewer, University of Idaho, Louisiana State University, Northern Illinois University, or Villanova, then you’re making a statement as to how DESPERATE you are to be referred to as a lawyer.

Well regulation schools are pushing the identical BS, however frequent information remains to be not catching up. The poorest lessons still imagine in the lottery, for the regulation scam, everybody outside the upper classes appears to purchase into it. Law school is the lottery ticket for the center courses, except I suppose it’s worse because it is state sponsored.

The aim of this weblog is to share my analysis of the free, publicly obtainable user-reported regulation school applicant information from Law School Numbers Using the data from Law School Numbers is problematic for quite a lot of reasons (similar to users misreporting their precise data, users creating faux accounts, selection bias, etc.) and if I had access to it, I’d a lot slightly work with the information that schools themselves have on candidates.

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