Philippine Legal Forms

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BEFORE ME, a Notary Public for and in the City of __________, Philippines this _______________ personally appeared ______________________ along with his Community Tax Certificate No._____________ issued at _________________ on ___________ known to me and to me recognized to be the same one that executed the foregoing instrument and he acknowledged to me that the identical is his own free and voluntary act and deed.

If a business attempts to use the identical or considerably similar commerce mark as the commerce mark owned by one other enterprise for the same goods or companies as the trade mark proprietor, the registered trade mark might be infringed and the commerce mark owner can restrain the infringement and get better compensation if the owner has suffered harm (eg, loss sales or injury to reputation).

I even have read the instruction on how to replenish the SSS online registration.unfortunately I could not registerIt is the SBR no. not in information.I understand that the eight digits for instance T#14000069 must be written in 6 digits only as required..Shoild disregard the ZEROS….but in my case my SBR no. is 0185Z1DL..I do not know which one to ignore..pls help me.

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