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I have met Attorney Amy Fearnow and I can now recommend her in the event you want any uncontested paperwork prepared. Unfortunately, my job on the Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family is taking up an increasing quantity of my time, and I’m afraid I’m simply not able to maintain this blog as updated as I’d wish to. I’m doing more writing for organizations like Slaw and LawNow , which is letting me give attention to concept, entry to justice issues and topical public legal schooling, but can be robbing me of the time I normally have to write right here.

When attorneys file papers in court , below California law they’re required to tell the whole truth whether or not the paperwork is filed underneath penalty of perjury Under California law , telling only a part of the reality in any courtroom filing by an attorney is the same as telling a lie, and withholding, concealing, or omitting relevant info in courtroom filings is identical as telling a lie And is considered fraud on the courtroom , according to the State Bar.

In running a blog about the marriage equality civil rights motion over the previous decade, we predicted that, if the SCOTUS established a basic proper to marriage, as it did, there would be plenty of instances where people in positions of energy, like this county decide in Tennessee and just like the court docket clerk in Kentucky, merely refuse to obey the legislation of the land.

Most Sacramento Family Court attorneys are members of the Sacramento Bar Association , formally referred to as the Sacramento County Bar Association The Sacramento Bar Association has a Family Law Section and a Family Law Executive Committee recognized by the acronym FLEC The Sacramento County Family Law Section Executive Committee is composed of CHAIR Russell Carlson , VICE CHAIR Elaine Van Beveren , TREASURER Fredrick Cohen , and SECRETARY Paula Salinger The PAST CHAIR is Judith Winn.

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